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About the Artist

Emmy Lu is a world class artist whose intricately colorful works have been featured in many reputable museums, galleries, and international fashion magazines. His diverse paintings bring visual pleasure and render an ethereal moment of self-awareness to every individual who admires and collects his dexterity. Many of Emmy’s paintings are analogous to music as well as offering a retrospective mindset with a cognitive focus on social themes reflective of where we have been and where we are headed as a culture. Perhaps the biggest endorsement comes from many celebrities and prominent art collectors who have acquired this transcendental maestro’s creations. Emmy’s artistic excesses include many corporate art acquisitions and furnishing select 5-star international hotels. Emmy’s philanthropic propensity has also supported various charitable causes. His progressively indefatigable proficiency is destined to stand the test of time.

Emmy owns his own gallery in the heart of Beverly Hills.

Emmy at the Emmys

Emmy at the Oscars

Emmy at the Oscars.jpg

Emmy Lu arrived on the scene in Los Angeles in 1994. He tried in vain to strike gallery representation deals. He instead made a bold move to display his artistry, rent free, at the junction of Hollywood Blvd. and Highland. At that time, a segment of of this location was barricaded pending future development. It is at this same spot where the Dolby Theater majestically stands. Emmy twice attended the Oscars by special invitation and he was greatly inspired to freeze his part of his artistic history in this magnificent painting titled "The Oscars."

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